LustGlider Intime Douche

Anal douche for giving zesty delight to your anal pleasure zone! The handy shower can also be used for rectum hygiene and for cleaning your anal region in preparation for anal sex. Material: pump ball made of black PVC, length: approx. 11.00 cm (4.33 inch), Ø approx. 8.00 cm (3.15 inch), capacity: approx. 224 ml. Tube made of black, smooth ABS plastic, insertable length: approx. 5.50 cm (2.17 inch), Ø approx. 0,85 cm (0.33 inch). Total length of the anal douche: approx.16.50 cm (6.50 inch) If necessary, use some water-based lubricant for a more comfortable insertion of the tube